A Hero’s Call

A Hero’s Call is my most ambitious project yet. It is set to be one of the largest and most complex RPG’s that is fully blind accessible. As a member of the small team at developer Out of Sight Games, I am so proud to finally announce the project on this site. It began several years ago from the desire of a programmer and a writer/composer (both blind themselves) to be able to relive the epic experiences they had from grand, open world fantasy RPG’s that they played before the loss of their sight. The project soon became much larger and more complex than they ever imagined, and they sought the help of a sound designer (me) to be able to deliver a sonic experience that stands on its own. My input on the game for the past three years has grown significantly to include all sound design, a good amount of dialogue processing, implementation of all sound assets with FMOD Studio, and some non-audio aspects of production including help with marketing and general game development.

The game’s webpage can be found here.

A Hero’s Call features a wealth of melee and ranged skills with possible magic applied on each weapon attack. This means that each weapon’s attack sound can have an additional magic sound played on top of it. Depending on the enemy being attacked, there may also be enemy vocalizations when they are attacking or attacked. This is a demonstration of the some of the different possibilities of weapon-based attacks that can occur during combat.

Some magic skills in A Hero’s Call operate similar to weapon-based skills in that they are initiated in the attacker’s location and finish at the enemy’s location. Others are longer “cinematic-esque” skills that are played as stereo sounds that do not move location within the game world. This demonstration shows a mixture of both types of skills with the former being panned to simulate the differing locations of attacker and enemy.